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서측 학생회관 211호

화 / 수 12:00-14:00

메일 | 건의 게시판



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[The 42th Graduate Student Association News]
1. 1st year Graduate Students Handbook
  1) http://www.kaist.ac.kr/html/kr/campus/campus_0508.html
  2) http://gsa.kaist.ac.kr/xe/our_services/45240
2. The Leadership Center opened Yoga and Salsa dance classes in the evening considering the life cycle of graduate students. Detailed information posted at http://leadership.kaist.ac.kr/.
3. The 2014 GSA Cultural Trip Bus has started (https://gsa.kaist.ac.kr/bus   https://facebook.com/kaistbus)
4. A new Shuttle Bus route is available.
- A non-stop bus from the campus to 화암(Hwa-am) is available at the rush hour.
- The route of shuttle transportation of ‘campus - 월평(Wol-pyeong)’ has been expanded to ‘campus - 월평(Wol-pyeong) - 둔산(Dunsan)’
5. KAIST-POSTECH Graduate Student Magazine “KAISTORY-POST IT” was published last March. (To be publishedevery three months)
- Webzine link : http://bit.ly/1lwEkYU
6. Fedex service available in KAIST.
- Cost: cash only, \19,100/each (only for KAIST students, including graduate students).
- Reception hours: 13:00 - 18:00 at office of Undergraduate Student Council. (N12 2nd floor)
- Inquiry: 080-023-8000(FedEx) 042-350-2072(Undergraduate Student Council)
7. KAIST Graduate Student Human Rights Center
For students who experienced violation of human rights, please contact KAIST Graduate Student Human Rights Center. (Inquiry: hrc@gsa.kaist.ac.kr )