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평일 상시

서측 학생회관 211호

화 / 수 12:00-14:00

메일 | 건의 게시판



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원총사업 되돌아 보기 (5.1~6.3)
- 라스연 : 문화버스 (5/10 전주, 5/24 섬진강)
- 라스연 : 라이프스타일강연회 첫번째 (5/13) 및 두번째 (6/3)
- 안전의 날 행사 (5/13)
- 제3회 멘토링 콘서트 (5/17)
- 세월호 합동분향소 셔틀버스 운영 (5/19-20)
- 6.4 지방선거 사전투표 홍보 (5/21-5/30)
- KISTI 덤프트럭 사건 조치: 아라 참조
- 설문조사
 추가 TA 설문조사 (5/14-5/30)
 궁동아파트 리모델링 및 기혼자 대상 설문조사 (5/20-5/30)
 인권센터 : 연구환경 만족도 조사(5/2-)

[The 42th Graduate Student Association News]
1. Happy KAIST  :  Visiting Happy Hour
- For graduate students, we are planning a Happy Hour Event! You can earn snacks, drinks, even movie tickets just by spinning a roulette! Please visit us and get prizes.
June 10th (Tue): In front of KI building
June 11th (Wed): In front of Western cafeteria
June 12th (Thur): In front of KAIMARU

2.The World Cup Soccer Game on Screen: June 18th (Wed) 7am W2-1 International Center room #101
- Let’s see the World Cup preliminary game of Korea versus Russia on screen together! We’ll also provide drinks and snacks.

3. Baseball Day: 6/26(Thur) 6:30pm
- The baseball tickets for Hanhwa Nameday(6/26) have sold out. The ticket registration had finished within a day even we have added 100 more tickets... compared to last year and enhance the criteria for students who paid the students' fee. Sorry for whom looking forward to the individual registration. We will announce about additional chance for the left-out tickets later.

4. This is a notification of printing your dissertation for MS. and Ph.D. degree.
Congratulation for your graduation. You can order your print at "Oh-bee gi hwoic", a resident printing enterprise in KAIST. You can also contact the shop directly through following numbers and e-mail address.
e-mail: obkaist@naver.com
T. 4124(Applied Eng. Bldg.), 4725(Natural Sci. Bldg.), 2160(Main Library 4th flr.), 2180(Undergrad. Library), 042-823-5239(Main company)

5. For those who have not paid student union fee, the participation of any GSA services are restricted. You will be able to join after you have completed paying the student union fee.

6. Since April, GSA has been dealing with a problem of outsiders entering KI building and making noises on weekends. With Cafe Bene and KI management office, we are discussing how to prevent the noise of outsiders in KI building.
7. We decided to recharter with current laundary agency and bookstore in KAIST since they didn’t cause such problems before. If you have any opinion about this, please send an email to GSA (gsa@gsa.kaist.ac.kr)