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평일 상시

서측 학생회관 211호

화 / 수 12:00-14:00

메일 | 건의 게시판



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원총 사업 되돌아보기 (7.1-7.31)
 - 인권토크콘서트 (7.1)
 - 라스연 강연회 (7.3)
 - 라스연문화버스 (7.5)
 - 임시중앙운영위원회 (7.9)
 - KAIST RUN (기부마라톤) 로고공모전 (7.16-7.27)
 - 라스연산장데이트 (7.19-20)
 - 인권학교 (7.22~)
 - 휴가 캠페인 (7.28~)
[The 42th Graduate Student Association News]
1. GSA prepared a ‘Summer Holiday Campaign’! Share your summer vacation story and get a prize!
GSA prepared two round-trip plane tickets to Jeju Island, iPad mini, and sponsored laboratory get-together!
More information : http://gsa.kaist.ac.kr/index.php?mid=notice&document_srl=4008
2. You can check an event for married couple on our website!
GSA has newly made a tab for married couple on GSA website based on the result of the last survey for married couple.
Visit the website and share any article related to marriage!
Address : http://gsa.kaist.ac.kr/married
3. From now on, you can apply for cultural bus with your friend! Also we are recruiting a guide for each bus trip.
The guide will be paid 40,000won per trip and the job of guide is to check the number of people on the bus and to introduce the destination.
If you are interested, you can simply check for guide when you book up for your bus trip.
Then GSA will individually contact you for an interview.
4. GSA has complained on the price of Nadl Hall and Yeoul Hall.
GSA lower the price to 132,000 won/month.
5. The number of households in Gungdong apartment has been increased. Starting next year, 40 households are added for students who are married. Instead, 25 households of On-campus apartments are going to be provided to post-doctoral programs after remodelling is done.
6. GSA had gathered 5 graduate students as UI selection committee members.
They will help KAIST Brand committee on deciding new UI of KAIST.
7. GSA is planning a new event called ‘KAIST Run’.
KAIST Run is a fundrasing event at which an individual or small group of KAIST members run a marathon and raise funds for educating children from multicultural families. You can apply either as a runner or as a sponsor from 2014/8/4. (http://gsa.kaist.ac.kr/run)
8. A special meeting of student representatives of department was held on last July in order to discuss about the survey of laboratory environmental satisfaction level performed by KAIST Graduate Student Human Rights Center. GSA and the representatives had decided not to dismiss the head of KAIST Graduate Student Human Rights Center. Also, the student fee has been cut to 29,000 won from 30,000 won in this meeting. 9. KAIST Graduate Student Human Rights Center For students who experienced violation of human rights, please contact KAIST Graduate Student Human Rights Center. (Inquiry: hrc@gsa.kaist.ac.kr )