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평일 상시

서측 학생회관 211호

화 / 수 12:00-14:00

메일 | 건의 게시판



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원총 사업 되돌아보기 (8.1~8.31)
- KAIST RUN 참가자 모집 
- Happy KAIST 연구융합콘테스트 참가자 모집
- 인권학교 (7.22-8.30)
- 휴가 캠페인 (7.24-8.31)
- 기혼자커뮤니티 활성화를 위한 오프라인모임 (8.8)
- 대학원생의 임신,출산,육아에 관한 공청회 (8.14)
- 대학원생 권리장전 1차 공청회 (8.22) 
- 전문연 입소.퇴소 버스 지원
- 예비군 훈련버스 지원 (8.28)
- 라스연 문화버스 (8.30) 

 [The 42th Graduate Student Association News]

1. The winners for the Summer Holiday Campaign is coming up!
Starting from July, many of you joined our holiday campaign, and the results are now available on our website. We hope this event could pave the way for students to get out from the labs once in a while and share their own vacation stories and tips, forming a desirable vacation culture in our school!
* To View the results, click here: http://gsa.kaist.ac.kr/notice/17577
* The prize was sponsored by Unicorn Travel.

2. The Convergent Research Contest is on-going
The Happy KAIST Convergent Research Contest starts from September. What research ideas will come out? You will see, in the contest’s poster fair on the 7th of October!

3. The 2nd hearing for the bill of rights for KAIST graduate students (Wednesday, September 17th, 17:30 - 19:00)
In this hearing, open for KAIST students and faculty members, we will think about our rights. We should protect our own rights, right?? Please come and share your thoughts about student rights.

4. KAIST RUN fund raising (planned September 22nd)
KAIST RUN fund raising project (since 2013) is starting this month on the 22nd. This is your chance to show your support for science education of children from multicultural families.

5. Fall Central Management Committee meeting will be held. (Wednesday, September 24th)
The head of each department will gather for plans for the second-half of the year.

6. Reorganization of KAIST Graduate Student Human Rights Center and Lifestyle Lab
We have new faculty members for our Human Rights Center and Lifestyle Lab. Please keep us posted!

7. Fact-finding investigation on KAIST scholarship students’ tuition payments
As said in May, The Education and Scholarship Planning Team looked into the research funds of KAIST scholarship students to investigate their tuition payment situtations. In cases where the total payments from research funds are lower than the tuition fee, the department is required to give explanations. By the end of the year, the “Responsible Tuition Payment System for KAIST Scholarship Students” will be settled, to prohibit KAIST
scholarship acceptances if certain amounts of research funds cannot be provided.

8. Human Rights Center - Revision of guidelines regarding graduate students’ pregnancy, delivery, and infant care, and expansion of breast-feeding facilities
On the 14th of August, we held a hearing about the graduate students’ pregnancy, delivery, and infant care. In September, we claimed a revision plan to the school. Hopefully by the start of next semester, students could take advantage of this.
- Pregnancy, delivery, and infant care are added to the leave of absence form. (In the case of leave of absence due to pregnancy, delivery, and infant care, the tuition for the according semester is carried forward to the next semester.)
- Investigation on the breast-feeding facilities in female student lounges will be held in September.

9. The Married Community homepage is updated
The website to help the married couples in our school is updated.

10. The dry cleaner’s in the East/West dormitories enable credit cards and cash receipts
Available from the start of August.

11. Suggestions were dealt with.
Your suggestions posted on our website or sent by email were dealt with. Your bright suggestions might change our school. We are trying our best to fix problems and fulfill your requests. The Graduate Students Association is always on your side.
Our suggestion box: http://gsa.kaist.ac.kr/suggestion

12. KAIST Graduate Student Human Rights Center
For students who experienced violation of human rights, please contact KAIST Graduate Student Human Rights Center. (hrc@gsa.kaist.ac.kr)