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평일 상시

서측 학생회관 211호

화 / 수 12:00-14:00

메일 | 건의 게시판



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Prev이전 문서

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크게 작게 위로 아래로 댓글로 가기 인쇄 스크랩


원총 사업 되돌아보기 (10.1~10.31)

- KAIST 대학원생 권리장전 선언식


- 연구융합 콘테스트 포스터 페어 (10. 7)


- 라스연 문화버스 (10. 11 진주유등축제)


- 라스연 문화버스 테마여행 “꽃보다누나” 진행 완료 (10.25 ~ 26)


- KAIST 대학원생 라이프스타일 설문조사


- 기혼자 커뮤니티 홍보 이벤트


- 전문연 입소.퇴소 버스 지원


[The 42th Graduate Student Association News]


1. Declaration of KAIST Graduate Student Bill of Rights (Monday, Oct. 6th) http://gsa.kaist.ac.kr/BillofRights

 Our rights and obligations are in our own hands! On October 6th, the KAIST Graduate Student Bill of Rights was declared. The event provided us the opportunity to look back on graduate students' rights and obligations. About one-hundred people, including president Sung-Mo Kang, professors, and students, participated in the event. We hope that this would be the cornerstone to further policies regarding graduate student rights. On October 29th, the GSA attended the Declaration of Graduate Student Bill of Rights by the Presidential Committee on Young Generation, showing support for other universities' enactment of the Bill of Rights.


2. The GSA Seminar Hall Reservation System is now open! (W2 building 3rd floor, Room 309)

 Too little space for gatherings or meetings? Now you can use our Reservation System to reserve the GSA Seminar Hall. Reservations can be made two weeks in advance, and 2 hours per reservation is available. Please refer to our homepage for the photos of the Seminar Hall and reservation.

Reservation: http://gsa.kaist.ac.kr/seminarhall


3. GSA president and vice president elections

 The end of year 2014 is getting closer! The elections for president and vice president of GSA 2015 is coming soon. In the Fall Central Management Committee, the 43rd Graduate Student Association election board was organized. Candidate application for the election in December will start in November.


4. Penalties for dormitory cancelation amended

 There used to be penalties for cancelling the dormitory room after the room assignment notice. The GSA requested the Welfare team to revise this rule, and to make the penalty valid only one week after the room assignment notice.


5. Access allowed to all female student lounges in the campus for married female students

 Special permissions from the department office were needed to use the lounge for female students. However, female students who need to care for their infants usually need to use the lounge immediately. So, the GSA is providing access to all female student lounges, regardless of the department, for married female students. You can apply for access in the GSA online community for married people.


6. KAIST Graduate Student Human Rights Center

For students who experienced violation of human rights, please contact KAIST Graduate Student Human Rights Center. (Inquiry: hrc@gsa.kaist.ac.kr )